Friday, February 24, 2012

Lake Ozark goes 3rd Alarm

At 23:32 hours on Thursday February 23rd the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District was alerted for a mutual aid response to Lake Ozark. First alarm units from Lake Ozark encountered a well advanced fire in a “Tax Player” type structure. The fire rapidly went to 3 alarms. E 12-21 was assigned to advance a handline into the “B” exposure and ensure that the fire did not communicate into the exposure. Chief Reilly was assigned as the Operations Chief and oversaw the tactical operations. 
The members had to contend with several difficult issues to include water supply, extremely high winds, and the proximity of the exposures. Thanks to the hard work and aggressive actions of all the firefighters on this assignment the fire was basically contained to the original building.

Units on the assignment:

E 12-21 with Captain Fuellemann, FF Baker & FF Hemen

Chief 1200 with Chief Reilly

Recognition also goes to our members who responded to the stations to cover the District. It should be noted that because of this response we were able to maintain District coverage and could have easily responded with additional equipment.

A/C Norris, Fire Marshall Northcott, FF Wieberg, FF Beebe, FF Delhotal & FF Adams

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