Wednesday, February 22, 2012

B Platoon Catches Work


At 1057 hours on Monday February 21st Sunrise Beach FPD units responded mutual aid to the Gravois FPD. On arrival members deployed to support the on-going offensive operations. The fire was located in a mobile home with a built-over roof. The fire had gained access to the concealed space between the roof of the mobile home and the rain roof. After extensive operations that included a lot saw work, companies were able to access the seat of the fire and place the incident under control.

Due to the extent of operations additional Sunrise Beach units were called to the scene to assist with overhaul.

This was true joint effort with both career & volunteer members doing a great job to assist a neighboring department and a member of our community who was truly in need. 

Hats off to all those who responded!

Initial assignment:

    Engine 1222 with Captain Zolecki & Firefighter Hufferd

    Tanker 1214 with Firefighter Hartzler

    1200 with Chief Reilly

Relief crew:

    Engine 1222 with Firefighter Beebe & Firefighter Admas

    1201 with Assistant Chief Norris

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