Thursday, August 9, 2012

More PT Sir!!

As part of the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District’s on-going program to evaluate and enhance our operational capabilities, our new probationary firefighter Jake Dill took part in a physical conditioning program that coincided with his new employee orientation. Probationary FF Dill is the first career staff member ever to have had mandatory physical training every day of his orientation.

FF Dill was subjected to numerous multi-station, multi-dimensional events. The design of this program was to simulate actual work load experiences that our members might have to face at working structure fires. The drills are aimed at enhancing what is known as operational fitness, a concept that incorporates physical fitness with the physical demands of firefighting.

Although training lasted only 7 days, FF Dill was challenged every day. If you ever see him ask him “How long can 45 seconds be?” We are pretty sure Jake has a new found appreciation for time!

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