Friday, July 13, 2012

MVA on South 5

At 07:04 hours on July the 13th Companies of the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District were alerted for an MVA on Highway 5 South in the vicinity of the quarry. E 12 - 22 was the first due and found a late model Ford pick–up, on its side, with the occupant who had self – extricated. Members immediately began medical care and stabilization efforts. The patient eventually refused medical care. Units form the SBFPD remained on the scene for approximately an hour to assist with traffic control.

It is ironic that the C Platoon had just finished work on our new supply of heavy duty cribbing. As you can see in one for the pictures the 4 x 6 & 6 x 6 cribbing that has been added to E 12 – 22 providing a means for the company to properly stabilize the vehicle. With the amount of roadway covered by the District it was felt that this small investment could pay off in great dividends. We are very fortunate that the victim in this particular collision was not trapped in his truck, but had it been necessary to take offensive actions we would have been able to do so in a manner that protected not only our safety but that of the people inside the vehicle.

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