Thursday, March 8, 2012

2nd Alarm in the Southwest Fire District

At 2356 hours on Wednesday March 7th, The Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District was requested to supply mutual aid for the Southwest Fire Protection District in the Mack’s Creek section of their District.  The Southwest units were operating a working fire in a commercial property.  Water supply was an issue so the SBFPD provided 2 tankers to assist with the operations.  Due to the advanced stage of the fire, the operation went defensive and the Sunrise Beach tankers engaged in an extensive water shuttle operation.  Units from the SBFPD remained well into the morning with the last of our units returning to the District at 0304 hours. 

Members on the response:

     Tanker 12-44 with FFs Fred Groce & Steve Myers

     Tanker 12-54 with FFs Tony Miller & Chad Adams

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